A little about me...

I am the mother of 5 children ranging in age from 23 to 6 and a grandmother to 1! We have been home schooling in one form or another for the better part of the last 18 years and probably have another 11 to go. I am proud to say that 2 of them have graduated already. We currently have 5 cats and 3 ferrets. I like to call it our petting zoo.  Cool

I have had a range of birth experiences myself. My first child, Brittany, was born via a hellish pitocin augmented vaginal birth in a hospital. My second child, Morgan, was induced for prelabor rupture of membranes (PROM), she ended up getting stuck in a brow presentation and was born via a low transverse cesarean. My third child, Shayna, ended up being breech at 39 weeks, my OB would not allow me to labor with a breech baby and a cesarean scar. During her scheduled cesarean, the OB discovered that she was transverse because she was trying to flip again and ended up getting stuck, she was born via an inverted T cesarean and I was told that I should never labor or attempt a vaginal birth again. My fourth child, Thalea, was born in a freestanding birth center vaginally with an independent midwife. My fifth child, Thales, was born in my bathroom with my husband. If you would like to read any of their birth stories, as well as my miscarriage, they are all here.

I studied midwifery through Ancient Art Midwifery Institute (AAMI) from December, 2009 until September, 2015. I presented a conference session on Special Scars at the Trust Birth Conference in 2012. Over the last few years, I have presented conference calls to my fellow AAMI students on Special Scars, birth trauma, uterine rupture and placental abruption. As part of drive to learn, I re-enrolled in AAMI in January, 2017 and I enrolled in the British Institute of Homeopathy in February, 2017.  I have studied many topics but I do not believe that I will ever be "done" studying any of them completely. There will always be more to learn.

I served a midwifery apprenticeship with Linda Honey from Fall, 2011 through Summer, 2013. I have been consistently certified in Neonatal Resuscitation since April of 2012. My current certification will expire in October, 2017.

Why must I join your Association to receive your services?

If you know anything about alternative health care and treatment, you know that the ADA, AMA, FDA, etc. can make life difficult for anyone who tries to practice in an alternative arena that may actually help people avoid major medical interventions. They make so many laws that restrict what Healthcare Practitioners may or may not do, say, and by what manner they may carry out their treatment. I do not believe that pregnancy is a medical condition that requires major medical treatment. Within this Association, I can serve you as YOU see fit.

Government agencies have a mandate to protect "the public" but have very limited jurisdiction over the 1st, 9th, and 14th Amendments, which apply to private member associations. By being a private healthcare membership association, we are free to serve our members with the care they deserve.

Joining a private membership association is a small price to pay for such a wonderful freedom - the freedom to take charge of your OWN pregnancy!